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31 Juli 2009

racking can refer to:

* Tracking (education), separating children into different classes according to their academic ability
* Tracking, in computer graphics, a vital part of match moving
* Tracking, in portfolio management, matching or comparing with a stock market index
* Tracking, a subject of dead reckoning, concerning setting up a track on other objects momentarily viewed from the observer's own location
* Tracking (typography), the process of uniformly increasing or decreasing the space between all letters in a block of text
* Tracking (space flight), tracking satellites from a tracking station (see: Satellite tracker)
* Tracking (commercial airline flight), the means of tracking civil airline flights in realtime.
* Tracking (hunting), the science and art of learning about a place via animal trails and other environmental evidence
* Go-Onto-Target (GOT) guidance systems
* Tracking (Scouting), a Scouting activity
* Tracking (electrical), the formation of partially conductive paths across the surface of an electrical insulator that degrade, or destroy, its insulating capabilities * Tracking shot, a filming technique also known as a dolly shot
* Tracking (radar) - the association of individual detections from a radar system

In logistics

* Tracking and tracing concerns a process starting with determining the current and past locations and other status of property in transit. Tracking and tracing is the completion of this process with uniformly building a track of such property that are forwarded to, processed for, applied in or disposed of usage.
* Asset tracking provides regular information about objects of an inventory or any stock of mobile entities

In sports:

* Tracking (freeflying), in skydiving, the technique of moving horizontally while in free-fall
* Tracking (dog), the act of a dog following a scent trail
* Tracking trial, a dog competition

In technology:

* Video tracking, finding the location of an object of the scene on each frame of the sequence, when processing a video sequence
* Tracking, for VCRs, the alignment of the magnetic tape with respect to the reading head
* Composing music with tracker software

Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa

Memulai Blogging sejak tahun 2009 hingga sekarang. Aktif di bidang musik yang dinaungi salah satu label musik di Kota Bandung. Saat ini fokus melanjutkan kuliah ke jenjang S2 di Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES). Website: Sharing Media - Info Tips dan Trik Terbaru

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